What's a Wildfire Three Wheeled Car ,you ask?

What's a Wildfire Three Wheeled Car, you ask? It's a Street Legal, Liquid Cooled 4-Stroke 650cc Gas Powered 3 Wheeled Vehicle that has popped-up recently in multiple eBay auctions from a Steubenville, Ohio seller called "Wildfire". (Insert Michael Martin Murphey song here) The best part about this car is that it gets 70MPG and that it is Classified, Titled & Registered as a Motorcycle.

The Wildfire is selling in the $7000 range, and even though a couple dealers have been putting them out at auction on eBay, but their reserve almost never gets met. If you are truly interested in one just take the Buy it Now option. Make sure that the seller is an authorized dealer.

Updated: Just the other night I saw my first Wildfire live at a local grocery store just south of High Point NC. I would have loved to stop and talk with the owner, but I was in a hurry to get Charlotte to see StarTrek in Omnimax. BTW, while the movie is great, the Omnimax experience wasn't worth it.

I hope to catch the Wildfire again when I have time to chat.


David said...

3 - Wheel cars looks very cute with higher MPG but what is the biggest problem for this vehicles is safety, as it's based on 3-wheels it's road grip & stability is reduce.

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Matthew said...

A friend of mine has a wildfire. Fun to drive lots of room a little unstable but a good car not great but good

DMV Practice Test said...

Its looking cute and nice and coming to the design and the looking aspect its fine . But its not enough i think. There are some things to take care about safety. And comfort for the driver etc....

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tampico1 said...

where can I purchase a Wildfire Three Wheeled Car?

Shaira said...

very high tech car..i believe those people out there who really have great skills and they really do their best just to impress their costumers

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