FuelVapor Technolgies Ale Three Wheeled Car

The Alé is a new three wheeled car that a Canadian designer is preparing to put into production. The Prototype gets over 90 mph and with a new patent-pending fuel-stretching technology they promise to blow the roof off that number. They will be competing in the upcoming Automotive X-Prize. I love the way this car looks from the front and side, but what happened to the rear? Unfortunalty this is all to common on three wheeled cars. Take a look at the Tri-Magnum and the Scarob for example. Perhaps this will be addressed before it goes into full production in 2012.

FuelVapor Technolgies Ale

A Great video featuring the FuelVapor Ale


GL said...

Regarding the rear of the ale' or what is now known as the eVaro, all you need to do is look at an airplane and you can see the rear end is usually like a knife edge, this is to limit aerodynamic drag, unfortunately when you apply this idea to a car you still need to have a clean place to mount tail lights, the new evaro is designed this way to maximize mpg, it is now mileage certified by the University of Fraser Valley to 330 mpg, with a city average of 275 mpg and 165 hwy, unlike most cars that are built around style the eVaro is specifically designed for high mileage at highway speeds, it will hold two large people, two full sets of golf clubs and over three grocery buggies worth of groceries and the new car will travel 120 miles on a charge before the 20 kwt generator kicks in to top off the batteries, the new eVaro will have 800 hp from twin DC motors and 2000 lbs of torque at 0 rpm, look out Tesla and Aptera

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